Grace Cheung

In my natural habitat with a fellow troll

In my natural habitat with a fellow troll

I double-majored in Comparative Politics and Asian Studies at Bowdoin College. In college, I managed large budgets to plan and execute events for the Asian Students Association and for the Class of 2012. After internships at Millward Brown and a Connecticut Judicial Branch, I went into the tech industry and joined Wikia, Inc. as a Community Development Associate.

At Wikia, I developed digital marketing expertise while cultivating thriving communities within the Entertainment vertical (television, movies, books, and music), and found a passion for social media, marketing, and building online communities. I learned to work cross-functionally with multiple teams, and honed my skills as a multitasker.

After getting promoted to managing a team at Wikia, I moved on to issuu to develop my skills as a professional marketer, and I learned there how to create compelling online content to further promote the company's brand. I also learned how to gather and analyze data from social media channels and Google Analytics in order to provide context for strategies for growth and engagement.

Outside of my professional life, I fan my creative fire by dabbling in photography (mostly with food), practicing typography techniques, and testing DIY projects from the internet.






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