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LA Eats: Ice Cream...and More Ice Cream

LA Eats: Ice Cream...and More Ice Cream

On our last 2 days in L.A., we definitely kept the eating spree going, but we grabbed more dessert than we could have probably handled! If you're in the mood for sweets, keep scrolling. If you want a look back at all the deliciousness we conquered in the first few days, check out my Day 1 and Day 2 posts!

1. Bumsan Organic Milk Bar


Is starting a day off with ice cream okay? Who cares! Bumsan is a tiny, tiny store with hot pink walls outside and an all-white aesthetic inside. The draw here is that the soft serve comes in these pretty cones dipped in colorful sprinkles!

Sadly, my ice cream was a leaning tower as soon as I got itโ€”it almost fell out of the cone when the guy was putting the Fruity Pebbles on top. Why did he not fix it and make a new cone? We'll never know. The soft serve here was pretty tasty though!

2. Eiswelt Gelato


Eiswelt Gelato is another small shop, but they're known for making super cute characters out of their gelato and some careful chocolate work! When we were there, the reindeer and snowman options were available, but they were making a Santa one next week. 


My friend got the reindeer, and I chose to make a "dirty" snowman with some black sesame walnut gelato. The only "white" colors available were yogurt and coconut, and I liked this black sesame the best!

3. House of Chimney Cakes

If you haven't heard of chimney cakes yet, get on it. These cross between a donut and a churro are from Hungary and made in special ovens that get super hot to bake the dough in just minutes. They get their name because of the steam that comes out the end when they're popped out of the oven to cool! See a few shots of the process:

House of Chimney Cakes makes chimney cakes that are more in the shape of a cone in order to hold the ice cream better. In order to keep things from spilling out the hole at the bottom, they put a malt ball in so there's a surprise at the end of the ice cream! Look at the pretty finished products:


4. The Loop

You might recognize this iconic churro/ice cream combo at The Loop. They have had mermaid churros and pitch black churros, but we were here to try the Christmas themed ones. Sadly, it was a really hot day in LA so our ice cream melted in under a minute ๐Ÿ˜ญ  The swirls lost all definition super fast, and the ribbon on the Christmas churro kept falling off. 

"Frozen" sundae and the Christmas sundae

"Frozen" sundae and the Christmas sundae

Luckily, the Cookie Monster was already a bit flat, so, when melted, it didn't look too different from how it came out!


At least the churros and ice cream still tasted pretty delicious, and the layers in their specialty drinks were pretty too!


What are your favorite LA spots to visit? Is there anything I should check out the next time I'm in town? Leave a comment to let me know!

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