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CT Eats: Donut Crazy, Pizza, and Rainbows

CT Eats: Donut Crazy, Pizza, and Rainbows

Christmas and New Years means going home for the holidays! I actually haven't been back home on the east coast for the holidays in a while because I used to always fly back for Thanksgiving instead. This was back when my parents still owned a restaurant so Thanksgiving was the only day (besides Easter Sunday) that they would take off. Thanks to things changing in my professional life, I could go home for a longer period of time. Little did I know that I would be stuck in CT for even longer than expected thanks to #bombcyclone!

My mom in the middle of bombcyclone

My mom in the middle of bombcyclone

BUT, on to happier news, of course, I ate a bunch of stuff while on the east coast because I was there for over 2 weeks! Thankfully, NYC was only a train ride away so I got to meet up with foodie friends and eat delicious things in the city. Keep scrolling for my Connecticut meals and stay tuned for the NYC eats!

1. Village Bagels

You've probably seen the famed rainbow bagel on Instagram in NYC, but I was surprised to see rainbow bagels make their appearance in Fairfield, CT! Two places popped up in my search: Village Bagels and Chef's Table. I actually went to Chef's Table first because they're closer to me, but they had run out of the bagels so my second stop was Village Bagels.


Verdict: rainbow bagels are a cool concept but really just taste like regular bagels probably with food coloring. One is enough for me!

2. Donut Crazy

I've seen some crazy donuts in my time, but Donut Crazy really caught my eye and I was excited to learn they had multiple locations in CT! I went one day with my friend and got a boatload of donuts and a super delicious breakfast sandwich that really hit the spot. The Barnyard sandwich has hashbrowns, bacon, ham, sausage, eggs, AND cheese all in your choice of a Portuguese roll or French roll. 


Now for the donuts—so many options! Some of their most photogenic ones include the Dough Boy (topped with cookie dough), the Kookie Monster, the S'mores, the Peanut Butter Explosion, and the Cookies & Cream.

These handmade donuts are all soft, fluffy, and delicious! I even brought some home to my parents and they liked them—mostly because they weren't too sweet like Dunkin Donuts. Which donut caught your eye?

3. Brick + Wood

I was excited to meet my Instagram friend @mollyluc IRL, and even more pumped we were going to one of her favorite pizza spots that she swears by. Brick + Wood's pizza is actually Naples certified, and each pizza is cooked in a 900-degree wood fired oven so it gets crispy on the outside but is deliciously soft and chewy on the inside. So good!


We got the three cheese arancini balls with vodka sauce—2 come per order and I highly recommend getting at least one. For pizzas, we got a classic margharita and a burrata pizza (we added truffle for an extra $2).

The pizza dough had a delicious texture, and the truffle burrata really hit the spot! 10/10 I would come back here again.

4. Elm Street Diner

Another foodie friend I hung out with wanted to check out Elm Street Diner for their amazing milkshakes, so of course, I was in! We got the Cereal Bowl which comes with Captain Crunch and Fruity Pebbles all over. Look at how crazy this thing was!


Their milkshake was definitely beautifully made, and it tasted pretty decent. I heard that their pancakes are also amazing, so I'll check back for those next time!

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