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NYC Eats: Ice Cream in 20 Degree Weather...It's a Thing

NYC Eats: Ice Cream in 20 Degree Weather...It's a Thing

I showed you some of the treats I got from home in CT, and now it's time for my NYC dishes! Honestly, it was SO COLD this winter, and I was freezing every time I went into the city despite loading up on my Uniqlo heattech and winter accessories. Despite all this, I knew I HAD to visit some of the ice cream spots I'd been seeing all over Instagram to get some of those sweet treats! No regrets, I tell you.

1. Stax Ice Cream

When I went to Stax, they still had a BOGO deal for their collaboration with Wowfulls, the egg puff vendor. This adorable Christmas collaboration was a scoop of ice cream with a red velvet egg puff, and then you got a Christmas pretzel and sprinkles on top.


I chose the snickerdoodle, but their strawberries and cream flavor was also pretty tasty. I also had to get a U-Bae Cremella aka a donut ice cream sandwich with ube ice cream. So good!


2. Milk & Cream Cereal Bar

You read that right—cereal bar! Milk & Cream blends ice cream with cereal to make the perfect giant ice cream cone. For cold weather, their hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and cinnamon toast crunch is also a good choice 👌🏼 


The cone was HUGE, and I couldn't finish it even if it had been warmer out. I got the Froot Berry Bliss: froot loops, strawberries, and blueberries topped with gummy bears and fruity pebbles. I added rainbow sprinkles for more color, and then got a chocolate cereal strudel on the side.


Sadly, my friend who went with me is lactose intolerant so the only thing she could eat was the strudel!

3. Stuffed Ice Cream

You've seen the famed ice cream bouquet on Instagram, right? New York City has their own at Stuffed Ice Cream along with the Cruff, an ice cream stuffed donut sandwich! Each bouquet comes with 7 scoops, and you can choose your own flavors. They also come in a Konery cone, a super colorful cone that comes in flavors like red velvet or blueberry! You can get a bouquet of 21 scoops if you're that crazy or if you're there with a lot of friends.


Stuffed has so many different flavors, but were nice enough to let me try a bunch before I decided what I wanted.


I ended up going for a bouquet with Andes Peppermint, Berry Shortcake, Cookie Monster, Fruity Pebbles, Red Velvet Cookie Dough Crumble, Thai Iced Tea, and White Chocolate Lavender. I also HAD to try one of their famed Cruffs, so I went with the Matcha Ma Call It: matcha and black sesame ice cream in a donut and topped with cereal and condensed milk.


This balancing act was no joke!

Stay tuned for a Part 2 post where I show you all the savory and sweet things I had—probably more appropriate for 20 degree weather than ice cream!

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