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NYC Eats: UnBEARably Cute Lattes, Classic Reubens, and Noodz

NYC Eats: UnBEARably Cute Lattes, Classic Reubens, and Noodz

I usually go to New York City with my family to eat dimsum, visit my grandma, and shop for groceries for our hot pot feast. That's why when I went in for a couple of days to meet up with friends, I moved away from the dimsum to try other cuisines! You saw all the ice cream I ate, now see the mix of sweet and savory things I had on the side.

1. Minigrow

I met up with my foodie friend @peachonomics to try Minigrow, a concept by Honeygrow. It's kind of like Tender Greens (for all my west coast buddies) because everything has been made and you just assemble your own bowl. You can get a hot or cold bowl, and there's a bunch of options for the base and the sauce, like zoodles, spinach noodles, etc. It's nice because each bowl starts at about $9 and then gets more expensive as you add the protein and toppings!


I got spinach noodles, red miso sauce, and salmon topped with pickled carrots, roasted tomatoes, and more. The only bowl that you can't make substitutes in is the Chicken Jawn, a shoutout to Honeygrow's Philly roots! The bowl was a little bland looking but actually tasted pretty good.

2. Sweet Moments

If you're in the Chinatown area and looking for something to appease your cuteness addiction, Sweet Moments has you covered. Along with giant bing soo and melon bowls, they have adorable macarons made daily and creamart coffee. The creamart HAS to be made with cold brew or cold milk tea, and then they pour cream on top that they draw little faces on. How adorable were these?!


3. Tramezzi

Need a delicious hot sandwich to warm you up? Tramezzi might have what you're looking for, and the super cool part is that all their bread is shipped from Venice! Every sandwich is assembled fresh and then toasted in a hot oven. I got the Arrosto di Miale which came with deliciously slow roasted pork, pickled peppers, caramelized onions, and a LOT of stinky cheese.


It's so good, but your breath really does smell afterward 😹  Worth it!

4. Rose & Basil

I was looking for an escape from the cold and a place to charge my phone when I found Rose & Basil. It's a very small shop serving mini cakes, coffee, and wine, but what caught my eye is the amount of floral decorating the shop and the products! Their mini cakes are all topped with flowers too. Check out the Lavender and Chocolate cake I got:


This dark chocolate sponge cake comes with Italian Meringue Lavender Buttercream, and, be warned, the lavender flavor is very strong! It was a beautiful cake and the layers were moist with some chocolate chips sprinkled through.

5. Mile End Delicatessen

I was meeting my friend Hannah for lunch, and she suggested an amazing delicatessen by her office called Mile End. This delicious Jewish-Canadian deli has the classics like smoked meats and latkes, but they also serve POUTINE! I went for the classic reuben while my friend got a chicken shnitzel BLT, and both were so tasty.

Of course, we also had to split some poutine because it was freezing out. Oh, how I have missed thee, poutine!

6. Kame Ramen

For dinner on my last day in the city, my foodie friend @louie.the.foodie took me to one of her favorite ramen spots where her friend was the chef and owner: Kame Ramen. I got the spicy tonkatsu ramen, and it was PERFECT for a cold night. The pork belly was huge and so tender!


I wish I had space to try their baos, which my friend said were delicious. Thankfully, there is always room for dessert, so we got the matcha panna cotta. It was so soft and had a light matcha flavor. I highly recommend ending your meal with it!


Are there any places I need to visit the next time I'm in NYC? Let me know in the comments!

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